Mr. Hess, At the end of the day on July 26, 2018, all will come – Bernard V Hees email address

JK ROOS JR sent a message to Bernardo V. Hees - Chief Executive Officer of H. J. Heinz Company - Email Address that said:

Mr. Hess,

At the end of the day on July 26, 2018, all will come up to the starting gate lacking a competitive edge despite the considerable expenditures to simply achieve compliance.

Last year, I offered your company an IP, which was an opportunity to innovate at virtually no additional cost while striving to comply with the new FDA Nutrition Labeling Requirements. The reward for acquiring this voluntary IP will be to acquire a competitive edge that will attract a host of new loyal customers, thus increasing sales and profit annually.

The cost of implementing the IP in conjunction with the compliance activities is temporarily zero. Nevertheless, your people have steadfastly refused to evaluate this time sensitive IP, which can be evaluated in less than 10 minutes. Hopefully, it may not be too late for you to find a fearless executive who can keep a Trade Secret and has the wherewithal to evaluate this Unique Profit Concept (UPC).

I remain available to answer any questions about this UPC.

(850) KEN-ROOS

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