Mr House, I have been in contact with your customer service team in regards to – Andrew House email address

Derek sent a message to Andrew House President and Group CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. that said:

Mr House,

I have been in contact with your customer service team in regards to an issue with my PS4 console. The service team did not provide me with necessary information or solutions to address my issues with my console. I have been a loyal Playstation customer. I have owned 5 consoles, starting with the PS1 moving to the PSone, then the PS2, and I still own a PS3 and a PS4 ( not working as of now). I have invested a significant amount of money into your company and after a conversation with the Technical support team, I am now deliberating moving to XboxOne. As I have family members who work for Microsoft, I receive a good amount of "stick" for not owning a Xbox, yet I stay loyal to Playstation as I still think it is the best platform out, even after the customer information breach. I am writing to you to ask you for your assistance with my current issue with my PS4 console and the lack of information that the technical team has provided me. I refuse to pay another $149 for the console to be repaired as I can just go and buy a new one for $100 more. Money is not the object here, it is the principle of the matter. Also, due to the fact that my console is no longer working, I have lost any and all trade in value, even if I was to purchase a new one.

I understand that you a have a multi-national company to run and this email will have no value to you or Sony and that this will probably be sent to the trash folder, I ask that for all of the Loyal PS consumers that you give this email a second look.

Thank you for your time

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