Mr. House, I write to you in hopes of bringing back something great which has – Andrew House email address

Tyler sent a message to Andrew House President and Group CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. that said:

Mr. House, I write to you in hopes of bringing back something great which has been left to die. Your company has put great effort and determination in making a game which was shut down on December 15, 2011. This game was called Star Wars Galaxies. But I’m not writing you about Star Wars Galaxies itself. Im writing to you about Star Wars Galaxies the Trading Card Game. This game was released within the main game itself as a digital trading card game. A fantastic idea which was never immortalized into a physical trading card game and was left to rot in some server or some flash drive in Sony'€™s vault somewhere. I implore you to re-release this trading card game. The amount of money the company could make is immense. I know many people who would buy the game immediately, me included. However if this is too much of an undertaking, I would personally attempt to make this game a reality. All I need is the release of the artwork, rules, and would credit everything to Sony and Disney. The timing of this couldn’t be any better as the new Star Wars movie is being released. I would love to hear a reply as slim of a chance as it might be, as you probably have many emails to sift through. Any reply would be an amazing thing. All I ask is a moment of your time to talk about it in more detail. Thank you for your time.

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