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Mr. Hubert Joly CEO of BestBuy,My name is Heath I’m emailing you in – Hubert Joly email address

Heath sent a message to Hubert Joly President and CEO, Best Buy – email address that said:

Mr. Hubert Joly CEO of BestBuy,

My name is Heath I'm emailing you in regards of my order of a Nikon camera purchased on November 24, 2016  I'm emailing you because i have called customer service several times before the estimated arrival date due to my tracking number saying that U.S.P.S is waiting for the product from BestBuy to go to U.S.P.S. so they could ship to my address. When I called customer service several days before the estimated delivery, all BestBuy employee would say that it will be at my address by the December 6,2016 and they promised it would be there. So I waited until the December 6 and called again. The guy I talked to on December 6 told me "Sir if it says it will be there by December 6 it will be there by December 6" and he hung up on the phone with me. So here I am again calling December 7 to find out what the problem is and no one can help me. All they can say is we can do a reshipment and it will be there by December 10. Is there anyway possible that you can treat me like a valued customer and member and make it where I can go to the nearest store and pick my camera up there that they have in stock on the shelves December 8 or by December 9. My family and I would really appreciate it if we could get the camera by December 9 due to we have Christmas photos and certain deadlines we have to meet. I have asked for people above everyone who I talked to on the phone and no one will put me in touch with anyone else and they end up hanging up the phone and disconnect the call from me. As of this point I do not feel like I'm a valued customer and that my business with BestBuy is not wanted even though I have spent several thousands of dollars with y'all in the past and possibly in the future if this can be made right with my order. So please help!

Thanks Heath

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