Mr. Hudson I would like to inform you about somethings that are going on at – Clifford Hudson email address

Jessica sent a message to J. Clifford Hudson Chairman and CEO, Sonic Corp. – email address that said:

Mr. Hudson I would like to inform you about somethings that are going on at one of your restaurants. I live in Salisbury, Nc and I was recently hired at the Sonic on 935 W Innes St, (Salisbury, NC 28144) and I have only worked one 5 hour shift there. During the five hours I was present I witnessed a lot of unprofessional activities going on.

The employees were talking about drug activities, giving away free food, and also when I was there a lady drove through the Drive-Through line complaining that the workers gave her cold mozzarella sticks. Sir, I felt the sticks and they were almost frozen. The manager that was working during the time handled the whole situation horribly. I was truly disgusted by this.

I would like to inform you about how I was treated as a new hire on the first day on the job. When I first was there everyone was being nice to me then a hour or so later when the head manager left the restaurant the whole environment changed.

No one gave me any feedback to tell me if I was doing something wrong or right. The manager that took over was only 18 Mr.Hudson, I wasn't really happy about this being that the restaurant is already unprofessional. Now my friend that also works there informed me that I was fired.

A manager did not even call me and tell me this or anything. I think that it is unfair because it was my first day at my first job. I do not know how you run things Mr.Hudson but this Sonic reflects on you poorly.

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