Mr . Joe Kaeser Former President and Chief Executive Officer at Siemens welcome I have an idea , I – Joe Kaeser email address

Ayman sent a message to Joe Kaeser President and CEO, Siemens A.G. – email address that said:

Mr . Joe Kaeser
Former President and Chief Executive Officer at Siemens
I have an idea , I think it's a good
And that idea in the development of wind turbines in order to increase its ability to produce electricity significantly more than currently located
and I have sent emails to the company by more than once and files explain that idea, as well as illustrations to the customer service center on the company's site on the Internet
But they did not offer that idea to the Expert specializing in the company so
that he could evaluate and determine the feasibility of this idea
And their response was me that they can not be presented to the expert, but after receiving a patent from the patent to protect intellectual where my rights office
But this is difficult to achieve at the moment due to the financial conditions as well as to my own where I am I have a disability in the lower limbs since childhood and I can not move and only walk through the crutches health conditions
And this saddens me greatly as I have chosen the company to present I am my idea this out for my confidence you especially my confidence in the person of Your Excellency and the company because you are a reputable company and you maintain the rights of others because of your vision insightful in the feasibility of new ideas, even if they are new and violation of the laws and theories stable by
I hope you're from accidental to the idea you have to be achieved and implemented and utility back to me and to you and to all people all over the world
Therefore, I will show you this sideways again and will enclose with this letter is part of the file to explain this idea and have some illustrative graphics
In case you are your own judgment and experts, and then our agreement to achieve that idea will send you the rest of the file that explains everything, particularly the idea
The idea is to show them the idea of ​​mechanical machine is installed inside the wind turbine in order to increase the capacity of the turbines to produce electricity significantly more than the output currently available
The machine that I am now being installed inside the turbine to serve as a link between the dynamo and gearbox
Where this machine to increase the torque or received, the ability of the big gears degrees Fund, according to the design theme with taking out the same speed received from the gearbox
Thus contributing to the establishment of the machine to deliver it all relatively large Dynamo to be relatively larger than the vehicle dynamos in the current turbines
And have a dynamo greater capacity to produce electricity
This machine also can be installed within the gas turbine power plants, after modifying its design
So that it is installed as a link between the turbine blades column and the dynamo, which helps in reducing the fuel consumption of the turbine significantly
Which will open up the prospect of a big marketing for Siemens as well as large commercial profit company will not cost a lot

The technology upon which the machine and use it where are the compound levers that combines the mechanism of the vehicle and the mechanism of Scissorlifts Technology
Sorry this is so lengthy and I hope your response to this letter as soon as possible after the well-read and displayed on the relevant experts have
And then determine the most appropriate ways to deal with us in case of proven usefulness countervailing so as to suit the feasibility of that idea, whether financially or countervailing appointed to work with you paid a financial suitable for the completion of the project
I want your email in order I can communicate with you
Thank you
With Regards

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