Mr. Johnson, This evening I contacted one of your customer service represen – Edward C. Johnson, III email address

John sent a message to Edward C. Johnson, III Chairman and CEO, Fidelity Investments that said:

Mr. Johnson, This evening I contacted one of your customer service representatives to ask why my father's account was closed. We had received a letter asking him to put someone else on the account but this troubled me because Fidelity knows nothing about my father other than the fact that he is 75 years old. And I am sure Fidelity would not decide to close his account due to his age since age discrimination is illegal. I was told this was a decision by the risk department and no further in formation would be provided to me. When I asked that someone from this group contact me I was told "they don't talk to customers". When I asked that someone call me back the next day with information about why the account was closed I was told they may or may not call. I was then transferred to a supervisor who hung up on me after he wouldn't give his consent for me to record the conversation. Yet, I was expected to give consent to Fidelity to record mine. What I learned this evening is that Fidelity cares zero about their customers. My father is a faceless number and I am happy he is removing his money and moving it to someone who actually values him as a customer. I am sure this won't change anything and I am sure you believe my dad is only one person, with a single account. But I will make sure my friends and family know about your company. And I will make sure my story is broadcast on every website and social media outlet available. If I am diligent I can make sure a few million people know about how Fidelity treats their "customers".

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