Mr. Joly, I am so disappointed with how I was handle today by your staff – Hubert Joly email address

christy sent a message to Hubert Joly President and CEO, Best Buy – email address that said:

Mr. Joly, I am so disappointed with how I was handle today by your staff. I had stated in my earlier email that delivery times/appropriate amount of people have been an issue. Today, I receive a phone call and this what they offered me - They will deliver to me this Wed. April 20 in the AM. I had stated in the prior email, I had already taken a day off work and could not do a morning delivery due to work. I did my part and meet you half way by taking a day off work. (basically you do not accommodate working people) It was unfortunate that the communication within your company is not going very well. My next time could be this Friday April 15 from 3-5. That would make me 21 days without a frig. Please, unplug your frig. and go 21 days without using it. You will not believe how hard it will make your life.
Natalie and were talking over my options and I said, Im probably going to need to cancel. The more we talked, I said, go ahead and make the delivery for Friday and I hope, I can make it in time. She informed me, she had already canceled my order and that was no longer a choice. 🙁 She was so eager to cancel that I am beginning to think, you want to put it back on the floor, so you can possible get more money for it.

Natalie offered me compensation for my troubles. This end itself became very frustrating. She asked how much I wanted. I stated how much I wanted and she said, no too much! So, I had the pleasure of playing a guessing game(3 or 4 times) of how much you were willing to pay me.

I am so sad, that while sitting here typing another email to you, I am crying because this is the frig that I wanted. I bought this frig at your scratch and dent sale. I was so excited that I could afford to buy this frig because of the sale, this made it possible for my price range. So it is not about the money you are going to send me for compensation, its about making sure that me the (customer) get what I should have had on April 6. Because the delivery company doesnt have their act together, I am not being punished for their actions.
- I have spent two days waiting for delivery and pick up which did not happen. (day off work)
- I will be more than 21 days without a frig, if I went on your delivery schedule.
-I now need to go shopping for another frig. 🙁 This will just add more time without a frig

-I have spent ample amount of time on the phone just trying to get arrangements for delivery. Your team has dropped the ball on several occasions by not calling me back or they will send an email to a "higher up."

I have always shopped at Best Buy, but this sure has not been a pleasant experience.

I think you should personally call me, so I can share the details with you. This problem may help you in the long run.


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