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Mr. Joly, I’m having a problem getting a gaming computer for my grandson. I placed – Hubert Joly email address

Henry sent a message to Hubert Joly President and CEO, Best Buy – email address that said:

Mr. Joly,

I'm having a problem getting a gaming computer for my grandson. I placed the order on Dec.8th. I shortly received an email informing me that the monitor was ready for pickup at the Boynton Beach, Florida store. My daughter went to pick it up but it wasn't there. She spoke with customer service and they couldn't find it. The sales rep went to her supervisor and she couldn't find it either. After waiting for almost an hour the sales rep told her they would call her when they found it. After a few hours she went back to the store because she didn't get a call back. At this time the shift had changed so she went back to the customer service booth to start over again about picking up the monitor. They went to look for it and again couldn't find it. They told her they'll call her when they did. Later that evening I called Best Buy and told them the situation and they told me that the monitor was shipped to the store and verified on the computer that it was there. They put me on hold for about thirty minutes while they called the store to find out what's going on. He called to tell me to hang up and he'd call me back when they could locate the monitor. He didn't and I called him back and he told me that they couldn't find it. At this time the store was closed and he told me to call in the morning.

The next morning before I went to work I sent an email to the Best Buy store in Boynton. I wasn't sure if anyone would pick it up but the assistant manager re-emaild me and told me he'd look when he got into work that afternoon. He emailed me and told me that the monitor wasn't in the store. He then later emailed me and told me that there was a truck with a thousand pieces on it and it might be on that truck. I emailed him again to thank him.

He emailed me later that evening and told me that the monitor wasn't there but he found one in Boca Raton and he'd go there and pick it up and bring it to the Boynton Beach store. He emailed me to tell me that it was gone too. He told me that he went to another location to see if they had one and they didn't either. I just sent him an email to tell him that I will cancel the order.

In spite of all that I keep getting reminder emails telling me that my monitor is ready to be picked up. I want to cancel the order and perhaps Best Buy will send the monitor to my house.

Can you fix this problem?

Kind regards,

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