Mr. Kelly – Different customer support agent, but same from the book response. FYI – Gary Kelly email address

Richard Kaspar sent a message to Gary C. Kelly Chairman, President, and CEO, Southwest Airlines Co. - email address that said:

Mr. Kelly - Different customer support agent, but same from the book response. FYI - I am lifetime on Delta with almost 2 million miles. This kind of stuff at Delta caused me to start using Southwest. This kind of error should be resolved to the customers satisfaction and not an easy out for your customer support group.
Dear Richard,
The feedback of our A-List and A-List Preferred Members is vital to our continued success, and we appreciate this additional opportunity that youve given us to respond.
I apologize for any lingering frustration with the boarding position you received and that you feel your concerns were not fully addressed. Being one of the first to board is a benefit that we award to our loyal Members, and recognizing your status is very important to us. Please allow me to explain, our Employees are unable to change a boarding position over the phone or at the airport once boarding passes have been assigned. Still, we should do everything we can to assist our Customers, and Tier Members who do not receive an A boarding position are always welcome to board between the A and B boarding groups.
We recognize that this issue has caused you inconvenience and assure you that we are working with all possible haste to correct the issue. Additionally, we are always looking for ways to improve our operation, and we appreciate your candid feedback. I have included your concerns in our weekly summary, which is distributed to our Senior Leadership.
Retaining your patronage and friendship mean the world to us, and nothing would please us more than to share the skies with you for many years to come.
Chad Alexander, Southwest Airlines
The file reference number for your e-mail is 2190206821997.

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