Mr. Kislyi, as CEO of Wargaming, I’d assume you’d know about this project, called – Victor Kislyi email address

Mr. Chambers sent a message to Victor Kislyi Founder and CEO, Wargaming that said:

Mr. Kislyi, as CEO of Wargaming, I'd assume you'd know about this project, called "Excalibur":
I stumbled upon this - and also the Wargaming Game Center - it appears to be an MMO that is not based on the BigWorld engine. I've got no clue what the subject of the game is, but I do have a request to make... The game is evidently being tested by ST50 (all of the supertests are numbered internally, WoT's is ST1, WoWS's is ST22) - I request that you contact the game's development studio and ask if I may participate on the ST50 team. Because the project is secret, I haven't got a clue which studio is developing the game, and hence cannot inquire myself. As it is secret, I swear to keep its existence secret until it is announced.

Thank you,
Mr. Chambers

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