Mr. Koch, I was riding my bicycle at 8:42 this am heading South at University – John B Koch email address

Adrian Carter sent a message to John B. Koch, Chief Executive Officer and President, PODS Enterprises, Inc. - email address that said:

Mr. Koch,

I was riding my bicycle at 8:42 this am heading South at University Lake on Jones Ferry Road in Chapel Hill, NC when I was buzzed by an operator of one of your PODS storage trucks. The driver in question attempted an illegal pass, on a blind corner going uphill. He failed to give me the required safe clearance per NC law and as he was part way around me, met oncoming traffic and forced me off the road with his trailer as I avoided getting hit by his vehicle.

Im an accomplished rider and amateur racer and train about 8000 miles a year. This is hardly the first time Ive been buzzed, and I would have called Orange County deputies had I gotten a plate number. I provided the location and time of the incident above and assume you can GPS track the specific truck and driver. I also assume you agree with me that this driver represents your company when driving your logod vehicles and as such casts PODS in a very poor light when the operator engages in life threatening behavior on the road to save a couple of seconds. There was a straight , legal passing section a couple hundred yards up the road.

Im a general contractor here and have used your services in the past. There seemed little point to emailing a complaint to CS at PODS and took the time to email you through this site. I would appreciate you doing the same.


Adrian Carter

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