Mr. Koch, I write to you after many calls to PODS in an attempt to – John B Koch email address

Susan Callaway sent a message to John B. Koch, Chief Executive Officer and President, PODS Enterprises, Inc. - email address that said:

Mr. Koch,

I write to you after many calls to PODS in an attempt to schedule a delivery of a POD in Seattle, Wa. My daughter and 2 friends graduated from Duke in May. They had a POD delivered to consolidate their 3 Durham, NC apartments because they are all moving to Seattle to begin work at Amazon, Microsoft and service with City Year. We were pleased that the girls thought through and took the initiative to consolidate their moving efforts to avoid multiple moves from the girls hometowns of Durham, Atlanta and Menlo Park.
PODS seemed like the perfect solutions. At the time of their Duke move, they did not yet have a Seattle address. They were told by PODS that they could call 3 days before needing the POD delivery in Seattle and give an address. They found a house, signed the lease and called PODS a week before delivery needed. Movers are hired for Saturday, July 29. They called PODS last week and were told the earliest delivery would be August 5. This is unacceptable and the POD must be delivered before Saturday, July 29. Work begins on Monday, July 31 and the house needs to be furnished. 3 parents are flying in from the east coast to help with the unloading and set up - all is set for these girls to get moved in - EXCEPT for the lack of help from PODS and the misinformation of guaranteeing that the delivery would be assured before July 29. We have called multiple times; we never get the same person, we are a number - 132768496 - and we are told we get a follow-up but no one who can make a decision. Therefore, I ask that you assure delivery of this POD - for which the girls have paid nearly $4000 - and we can get them moved in and settled this weekend.

Thank you,
Susan Callaway
(Also a Duke graduate - but dont hold that against us - we love Tony Bennett almost as much as Coach K!)

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