Mr. Levatich, I currently work one of the top H-D dealership and I feel obligated – Matthew S Levatich email address

Philip Columbo sent a message to Matthew S. Levatich President and Chief Executive Officer of Harley-Davidson, Inc. Email Address that said:

Mr. Levatich,

I currently work one of the top H-D dealership and I feel obligated to make you aware of an urgent situation that could very easily jeopardize the good name of the entire Harley-Davidson organization. I know that sounds dramatic but please read on for details.

I have been approached recently by an insurance agency in Florida that is offering $25.00 per customer lead I send them. That in itself is not the issue as I have been approached in the past by many insurance sources, both local and otherwise.

The real concern here is this same agency told me and other sales staff that they are paying the $25.00 per customer lead with gift cards so that they dont have to send out 1099s and we dont have to pay taxes on that money we receive. My dad is a CPA and when I mentioned to him about this offer, he explained to me not to work with these people as they are asking us to commit fraud (a third degree felony for each violation) against the IRS. When my dad mentioned the IRS and fraud in the same sentence, I started getting concerned because I know this agency has approached many other H-D dealerships in the same way.

Apparently, the IRS is on to them because last time they were in the dealership, their rep told me to simply not tell anyone that asks about their paying arrangement. I guess rather than doing business the right way, covering it up, no matter the coincidences to our dealerships, is better for them so they dont lose any business.

I realize that nothing may be done about this as you are a very busy man but at least my conscience is clear knowing that should this affect Harley-Davidson dealerships excellent standing in the public eye, I made an attempt to give you as much warning as possible.

God Bless and may the Harley-Davidson brand continue to flourish.


Philip Columbo

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