Mr. Levatich,I am writing to find out how I can get a hold of – Matthew S Levatich email address

Terry Kuhlman sent a message to Matthew S. Levatich President and Chief Executive Officer of Harley-Davidson, Inc. Email Address that said:

Mr. Levatich,

I am writing to find out how I can get a hold of a 2018 CVO Limited Anniversary edition? I can not seem to find one anywhere, my dealer here in Texas has been looking as well with no luck. Those dealers that have one are price gouging them selling them at +$10-20K over MSRP.

I recently retired from the U.S. Navy after completing 30 years of honorable and faithful service to our country. My present to myself was going to be this bike. But unfortunately I can not find one or if I can, its $50-60K, out of my budget.

Is there anyway I can get one of these bikes? I currently ride a 2015 CVO Limited with I traded from a 2013 CVO Limited. I appreciate your time and any assistance you can provide.

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