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Mr.McKenney,I feel a need to contact you as I am so upset with – Richard P McKenney email address

Margaret sent a message to Richard P. McKenney – President and Chief Executive Officer of Unum Group – Email Address that said:

I feel a need to contact you as I am so upset with what has happened to me I had open heart surgery in May 2015 while in recovery I had stroke to my right side. My person doctor has sent everything she can advising them I cannot work they called me telling me I can go back to work as acclaims manager who has to know coverage that I don't remember as my memory isn't good, I can't drive as my leg does what it wants when it wants, I can't write clear. They called me in November with no notice to advise me in the meantime I have a letter stating the will review my case in August 2017 after working 40 + yrs I'm about to be a 63 yr old homeless person I am so stressed and I'm afraid I am going to have another attack. how can they override what my doctor states when they have never seen me.

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