Mr. McMullen;I just want to let you know about an experience I had at – W Rodney McMullen email address

George Walls sent a message to Rodney McMullen Chief Executive Officer of The Kroger Co. email address that said:

Mr. McMullen;
I just want to let you know about an experience I had at the Piqua store. For the last six years weve bought all our meat from Kroger except for bacon. Around 10 or eleven weeks our area stores had bone in strip steak for 4.99 per lb, regular price 12.99. And I bought 4, maybe 5 packs of 3 steaks each to put in the freezer. These turned out to be the worst steaks I have tried to eat in the last 45 or so years. Too tough. Couldnt eat them, although my daughter struggled through two of them. I tried one and just couldnt eat it. And they were labeled "choice". Ive learned that if you have an unrealistic price that I wont buy, no matter what the price.
I finally went to see a manager at Piqua (didnt have much to go to the store because my wife passed out from a flu or pneumonia shot and I had to stay home with her) and explained to him that I dont want to see Kroger go he way of Sears; poor quality, phony sales and mislabeled products. The manager offered me two packs of the same kind and at no cost. I told him that I didnt expect that but would take him up on it. Glad I did, because these were the second worst steaks I have bought in the last 45 years. My daughter and I each had one today and we agreed that they were just a small cut above the original ones. I would not have chosen the ones the meat manager gave me, but glad I did, since we could make a fair comparison. I will never again buy bone in strips since these latest ones were nearly half throw away. I may just have to turn to Kansas City Steaks. You wont miss me, but what if millions of people feel as I do.
I was in the Troy store today and saw some boneless strips and filet mignon that looked good.
You people really ought to be ashamed to put the kind of steaks that Im talking about and call them choice.

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