Mr. Meyer, I have an issue with your customer service department that has been over – James Meyer email address

Tommy Loyd sent a message to James E. Meyer CEO, Sirius XM Radio Inc. - email address that said:

Mr. Meyer, I have an issue with your customer service department that has been over a year and still has not been resolved. I, last year, specifically asked them to remove my card information from automatic renewal of my radio subscription so that I would be able to make a decision at the prescribed time. Today, I found that your company had not removed my card information and had in fact charged my card for one more year without my consent. I talked with a person named Mary ID#2587AB, who was at least accommodating, but I didnt get that reassurance because she promised me the same deal as before. By the way, you have an individual named Kevin, ID#1305AB, who I feel needs crash instruction in how to deal with a customer who is dissatisfied. Now, I am completely satisfied with your product, but your administrative staff e.g. customer support leaves an awful lot to be desired. Ive been a customer for well over three years now. Mary informed me that an email and letter had been sent to me in regards to the renewal, but I received NEITHER. I asked her to come up with the copy of either, but she informed me that since it was an automatic response system there was no backup. I found that hard to believe. Nevertheless, I felt it was important to inform you and whoever else necessary to become aware of a situation such as mine in order that some type of corrective action could be taken or at least procedures put in place to prevent recurrences. I know this may seem trivial for an individual in your position, but sometimes its necessary. Would appreciate a response and clarification if you would please. Please pass on my gratitude to Mary for her well-intended assistance. I did tell her that I would be forwarding this correspondence to your headquarters. 03-24-2017, 7:48PM T.Loyd

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