Mr Meyer: I have a complaint about what I feel is an unfair business practice. I – James Meyer email address

Eric Coyne sent a message to James E. Meyer CEO, Sirius XM Radio Inc. - email address that said:

Mr Meyer:

I have a complaint about what I feel is an unfair business practice. I am a class action member of the Hooker settlement, BTW, and thus received a settlement of a 3 month trial. I was asked to register an account with Sirius in order to manage my privacy settings in order to opt out. This can only be done by first registering for an account. When I did so I was greeted with a page informing me that I would have to opt out of EACH ONE of more than two dozen advertising websites and go through eEACH Sites opt our procedure. This is after SIRIUS, with no advance permission, due notice or ability to refuse to participate, automatically enrolled my email to received UNWANTED, UNSOLICITED advertising. This is misleading, and forces your service recipients to be exposed to relentless advertising that is obviously unwanted. By intentionally making it very Onerous and difficult to opt out of advertising and marketing from third parties, this appears to be at the least, disingenuous and manipulative.

Ironically, I became a member of the Hooker class action due to being a victim of SIriuss relentless, unsolicited advertising. Sirius could easily remedy this by If I do not hear from Sirius I may decide to copy this message and forwarding this to one of the attorneys for the Hooker case or to the appropriate regulatory agency (FCC) to see if there is another alternative. One should not be trapped into a situation where one is most certainly going to be spammed relentlessly just for trying to opt out and prevent this very situation from occurring.

Eric Coyne (

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