Mr. Nassetta, ;Below is a recount of my customer complaint that was sent to your – Christopher J Nassetta email address

Michelle sent a message to Christopher J. Nassetta – President and Chief Executive Officer of Hilton Worldwide – Email Address that said:

Mr. Nassetta,

Below is a recount of my customer complaint that was sent to your customer service representatives. After being handed off to several different agents, I still have not been informed of the additional charge, or been offered room compensation. As stated in my complaint below, Hampton Inns have been our "go to" lodging choice for many years and it is a shame that the level of excellence we once experienced has declined. Being retired military, we have traveled extensively and regret that Hampton Inn has fallen short, as of late, on our customer expectations.

Description of the Issue: For starters, this is the second time I have had a complaint against a Hampton Inn in the last several months. The level of excellence that we once experienced while using Hampton Inn's for our travel needs has definitely decreased. As a hotel that is known for and boasts its comfort in bedding, our last stay was quite the opposite. Our beds were very hard and our pillows were not the standard we are accustomed to having at Hampton Inns. This may seem like a petty complaint, but my husband has a very bad back and the appropriate bedding is paramount to his comfort. Hampton Inn's have historically been phenomenal in comfort for him.

Also, our shower head was broken with VERY little pressure and the inability to change it's setting.

Our receipt which was emailed to me stated the following amount: $121.81, however, my credit card was charged $141.23. I called the Hampton Inn in Lake Wales to question this charge and was told that the hotel places a $25 hold on all cards for "incidentals". I have never had this done at any Hampton Inn I have stayed at in the past. I proceeded to tell the clerk on the phone that there was NOT a $25 hold on my card, yet a $18.42 hold on my card. This amount could not be explained to me as she just repeated that a $25 hold is placed on all cards.

We were definitely not happy with our stay. It is a shame that a hotel we regarded as our "go to" for all of our travels has recently been such a source of disappointment.

Thank you,


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