Mr. Nassetta I no this is a little over kill writing you, but you were – Christopher J Nassetta email address

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Mr. Nassetta
I no this is a little over kill writing you, but you were the only one that's address came up.
As you know we had a hurricane that hit in Daytona Beach damaging the Hilton on the beach. Act of God I understand.
However the way the hotel handled our reserved room was not right.
My fiance Gina reserved the Terrace suite for Biketoberfest. We shelled out $1600 for 2 nights. We were told non refundable.
I understand them doing that too.
Here's my problem. We get a email telling us two days before check it that the hotel had more damage than they could handle and would not be able to accommodate us.
Now we are stuck with no room and they didn't even try to accommodate us with any other room in the area like a few other hotel chains did for there customers. Plus now my credit card on top of that has $1600 hit on it and I have to wait 7 to 10 days to get it back.
I love your hotels. The terrace suite over looking the ocean is my favorite. I'm not a rich man but shell out the money for your best room several times now.
Like I said I truly understand it wasn't the hotels fault the storm hit. Just disappointed in the way it was handled.
I'm not looking to get anything out of this.
Just hope if there is another mother nature disaster, God for bid. It's handled a little different.
Thank you

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