Mr. Nassetta, We have started a non-profit origination called, The Coalition for Feral Cats – Christopher J Nassetta email address

Pastor sent a message to Christopher J. Nassetta – President and Chief Executive Officer of Hilton Worldwide – Email Address that said:

Mr. Nassetta,
We have started a non-profit origination called, "The Coalition for Feral Cats of Lehigh Valley." We are a TNR group, which means, Trap Neuter, and Release. A organization, like ours, was started in California. Since their start the killing of feral cats at shelters has dropped by 73%. This is the humane way of taking care of the feral cats. These are God's creations and deserve to have a life. They did not ask to be born and they did not ask to be tossed out of a car and abandoned. To me making is not mankind, we have become man-nasty.
We would like to install small temporary housing for the cats. It will not be seen and we will take care of everything. With the colony being neutered and spayed, it will not increase in size. With the established colony, no other colony can encroach where they are.
It has been proven that feral cats do not have any more problems with disease then the housecat. It has also been proven that these cats actually benefit the hotels and restaurants in a couple of ways.
1. They keep the rodent populations in check.
2. By having a feral cat colony that is neutered or spayed, their population will not grow. If they are taken away a new colony will start which will not have been neutered or spayed. Therefore, we would be right back at the beginning.
3. Since they are taken care of by people like us it cuts down on drug dealings made in the secluded parking lots or garages.
4. Since they are taken care of by people like us it cuts down on prostitution taking place in the secluded parking lots or garages.
5. Since they are taken care of by people like us it cuts down on car break-ins, in the secluded parking lots or garages.
6. Public Relations, all establishments that allow us to set up nice looking shelters for the cats or sponsor what we are doing. They will be spotlighted on our Facebook Page and our upcoming web-site.
7. Since I am a former cop and state constable, the local police work with us and up their patrols in that area.
Therefore, if you have feral cats we will help take care of them. We are setting up meetings to let the public know why we have feral cats, how they can help us, how we can take care of them, and how the cats help us.
Are you willing to help us so we can tell the world how compassionate the people of "The Hampton Suites" are?

On this property are large piles of empty beer cans, empty whiskey bottles, and toxic construction debris that have ben there for months. The small temporary shelters will be much more eye appealing then what I just mentioned. I have personally found a machete, club for being the cats, and a long pipe to harass the cats. We have seen one of you bouncers harass these non-violent animals. This same bouncer has threatened a 73 year old man, was rude to my wife, and got hostile with me. We reported him to thee manager and the manager just laughed.

The local newspapers and radio stations are getting involved. Therefore, we respectfully ask for your support.

May God Bless,

If you like I can send you pictures of what we have found on this property.

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