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David Russel sent a message to Christopher J. Nassetta President and Chief Executive Officer of Hilton Worldwide Email Address that said:

Mr Nassetta:

It is seldom I feel that it is necessary to send a email regarding my disappointed with the Hilton Honors. I have been a Hilton Diamond Member for over 8 years. I earn well over 500,000 points per year. During the years I have booked many vacations at Hilton Hotels and resorts.
I recently booked the a vacation and stayed at the Double Tree Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. When I had booked my vacation we booked the vacation with points. This is how we pay for our vacations. As we came closer to the date of the vacation my sons soccer tournament changed and I needed to extend the stay. I called the diamond desk and made the change. However when the representative from the diamond desk changed our stay, they also changed the way we were paying for the room. The representative changed it to us paying for the room and not using points. They did not review this change with me. As I would not have done this. I have over 900,000 points that I use for vacations.
To my surprise when I checked out there was a charge for over $2000 on my credit card.
When I asked about it, is when I heard about the change to the reservation to be paid and not points. I asked for it to be corrected. The representative at the desk said she would review with her boss and call the Hilton honors desk.
I did not here back. I had to call the next day. They indicated they were checking into it. I ended up calling the Hilton Honors Desk. I had a case opened up case #22776013. Diamond #849220436. They indicated I would here back in 3 days. I waited 5 days and did not here anything. I called back. The representative said the case was closed. I asked was it was closed. No one ever contacted me. She re-opened the case. I waited again and then called Jim the accountant at the Double Tree. He said he know nothing about the case being re-opened. He then called Hilton Diamond desk. Again I did not here anything back. Today I called Jim back. He did later call me and left a voice message. He said they were going to credit me back some points.

After hearing the voice message I called Hilton Diamond Desk back. I asked to speak with a supervisor. I spoke with Laura. I was not happy with being informed that I had a case re-opened and that someone would call me back. I asked for another supervisor that could assist. She said no. I do not believe that she was the highest level manager that I could review this with. She was the first level manager I communicated with.
Her compassion to what was going on was not that of sympathy. She seemed to forget that maybe she was not the one that created the problem. She could have been the one to help the situation. As a customer here I was not the one in error. Somehow someone made and error in processing the reservation. I am just looking for this to be corrected.

Hopefully you or someone in the Hilton Family can assist a long term customer.

Thank you
David Russel

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