Mr Nassetta I am a Hilton Honors member and an HGV owner in Las Vegas. I – Christopher J Nassetta email address

Janis Moore sent a message to Christopher J. Nassetta - President and Chief Executive Officer of Hilton Worldwide - Email Address that said:

Mr Nassetta
I am a Hilton Honors member and an HGV owner in Las Vegas. I contacted HH over two weeks ago after I received a notification email that points were transferred from my HH account to an account of someone that I do not know or authorize. I called and was told initially that a case was opened and that I would hear back that week. This was July 23. I have called repeatedly and as of today I have not gotten a response but during my second call I was told the process would take 10 business days. Ten business days ended this past Friday. I have called and emailed your fraud department and no response. Four weeks ago I upgraded my time share in Vegas and gave you an extra $5000 and asked my representative to intervene. She has tried along with me to get an update. Up until this point it was wait 10 business days. Now we have gone past that and nothing.

I have also reached out on social media with complaints and still nothing. No acknowledgement, phone call or email. I felt like coming to you was all I could do. Other HH members chimed in on social media with similar issues. Was there a security breach that we need to be aware of?

Frustrated in California

Janis Moore

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