Mr. Neidorff, my name is Sheree and I own a pediatric therapy company in St – Michael F Neidorff email address

Sheree Behrndt sent a message to Michael F. Neidorff – Chief Executive Officer and President of Centene Corp. – Email Address that said:

Mr. Neidorff, my name is Sheree and I own a pediatric therapy company in St Louis, Sensory Solutions. I am certain that you are aware of all the issues since NIA began but I would like to let you know how this is impacting my small business. I have been a provider of Home State since it entered STL and have had a great experience. In November HSH entered my contract as a PT clinic only ( I provide OT, PT and ST) and since then we have had problems with reimbursement. We were just getting those resolved when NIA began. This has devastated my small business and my employees are having to hold payroll until the cash flow catches up. We bill over $15,000 in claims per week and I am averaging less than $4000 a week in reimbursements. It has snowballed to the extent that I have exhausted all lines of credit and am now paying a great deal in interest. The problem on HSH/NIA has cost me a an stronomical amount in labor, interst, paper from hundreds of of faxes daily. Something has got to give in order that we providers can get back on track and start receiving reimbursements as we were two months ago. I beg you to assist with this if you aren\'t already. NIA needs to back off and stop requesting information over and over again while denying all of our claims. This last EOB alone I had over 75 denials and that is so unfair. I am personally scared to death how I am going to manage my business if this is not soon resolved. I do not understand why it continues to get worst week after week. Currently I have close to $50,000 in claims sitting in a pended status or denied inaccurately.
Please help us.. lift NIA from our accounts until this is resolved so we can get paid for the claims owed to us and for the work we are providing to HSH\'s babies who need us. Help your providers that have been dedicated to your ,company and your families for several years. There are so many kinks and unknowns between NIA and HSH that need to be worked before it hits the providers. This truly spun out of control

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