Mr . Nelson, Hello we recently rented a car for Budget at the Sarasota Airport – Ronald L Nelson email address

Scott LeBel sent a message to Ronald L. Nelson - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Avis Budget Group, Inc. - email address that said:

Mr . Nelson,
Hello we recently rented a car for Budget at the Sarasota Airport on July 5,2010 @3:47 PM returned July 10, 2017 @10:50 AM .. rental agreement # 747808342.

Well first off we requested a particular car ( Toyota camery) 2 weeks in advance.... was to call the night before pick up to confirm the car was there... I was told no it was not.... I called again the day of pick up and spoke to agent Scott, whom was EXTREAMLY rude... we had pick up 2 hours earlier than the agreement.. he snapped at me and said YOUR CAR WONT BE READY TILL 6:00 and hung up on me.... we go there anyway look the lot over before going in and find a Toyota Camery there.... as we are waiting on Scott to finish the fokes before us A lady rushes the counter late for a flight in Tampa whom rented a car that had issues... Scott was so rude to her made her fill out an accident report making her later for he flight... than Scott gets to us, all snippy rude and just plan out ignorant.. had the balls to tell us that there WAS NOT a Camery out there put us in an Malibu car # 80117590, the car was junk it smelled like something died in it I had to go get a car bomb air refresher to detain the smell.... we had no choice but to take this soon as we got home we called customer care was told the system was down to call back in 45 mins., now even later than we need to be leaving we call back 45 mins later system still down.... apron driving it the car had a vertical hop at 65/75 mph shook and pulled to the left.... come to find out the tires had 10 pounds of air so I filled them up...apron return we told the agent all the problems we had she took off 1 day of rental.. she was helpful, unlike the other guy I figured I would reach out to you seeing how customer care did NOTHING to resolve this issue... hopefully you find the time to correspond and elaborate how you intend to resolve this....

thank you
Scott LeBel

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