Mr. Post, Just got off the phone w/your Customer Service Dept. I have cancelled my – Glen Post email address

Grace Cordova-Kalberer sent a message to Glen F. Post, III President and CEO, CenturyLink, Inc. - email address that said:

Mr. Post,

Just got off the phone w/your Customer Service Dept. I have cancelled my service and you are charging me $125+ to do so. Until now, youve been charging me for the pleasure of slow and sputtering internet, buffering video and re-setting my modem pretty much on a daily basis. We struggled with this for almost a year. We did not call your customer service people to fix it because Id already lost faith in your ability to provide quality internet. Further, every member of my family works long hours (its 6:20pm and Im writing you from my workplace), and we simply dont have time to sit at home waiting for a technician to - maybe - fix the problem. So, because I have not initiated service calls, I still have to pay out the end of my contract. Sweet deal -
for you.

Congratulations, Mr. Post. Youre getting my money anyway. Ive been your customer for DECADES. But I know this is how it works, we working folks can just pour our hard earned money into your coffers and we should be grateful for whatever lackluster service you deem willing to provide. Gottit.

Well, good luck to you, Sir. I will be sharing my story with my friends and anyone who will listen. But dont worry. Im sure there are other people out there, hard working families, dependent on the services you provide for the ease and comfort of their families, who are still willing to give you their money. Im sure you wont miss me. I wont miss you, either.

Grace Cordova-Kalberer
Albuquerque, NM

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