Mr. Renwick,Hello… my name is Colette and the reason why I’m emailing you – Glenn M Renwick email address

Colette sent a message to Glenn M. Renwick – Chief Executive Officer and President of Progressive Corporation – Email Address that said:

Mr. Renwick,
Hello... my name is Colette  and the reason why I'm emailing you it's because I can't get my issues resolved and I was hoping that you could help me? My father Joseph Ernest policy had full coverage on his 1997 Ford F150
3 Door Ext Cab truck through progressive Insurance. He died January 24, 2016. I was appointed administrator of my father's estate February 4, 2016. I purchased a sticker for his truck February 11, 2016. (His birthday is March 16, 1939). My father's funeral was January 30, 2016. I had to file a police report with Cleveland Ohio police department, because my father's truck was stolen out of his drive way at 1321 east 124th street Cleveland Ohio 44106 right after his passing. I called Progressive Insurance regarding the matter and was put in contact with a Jennifer Preston Claims Department claim  I have been trying to settle this claim with Ms. Preston and she refuses to settle. All I want is to be compensated for my fathers truck, because he had full coverage before his death. I'm asking for your help to check into this matter asap please!!!

Thank You


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