Mr. Riney I am emailing you with hopes that this letter will find it’s way in – Rodger O Riney email address

Mason sent a message to Rodger O. Riney Founder and CEO, Scottrade – email address that said:

Mr. Riney

I am emailing you with hopes that this letter will find it's way in front of you. I am a student from Mizzou, and I am very concerned about the up coming 30 years in this country. Climate change is undeniable at this point and it is clear that the planet will continue to heat up. The extra heat will undoubtedly have a negative effect on the environment, and a great impact on our society.

Mizzou is able to impact our future generation by feeding the right messages to my fellow students. I am serving with Mizzou Energy Action Coalition to move Mizzous investments in fossil fuels to an environmentally friendly option. In fact, there are many papers published that have shown how renewable energies are a more lucrative sector to invest in, but there is one fact that stands out to me. Yale, Berkley, Syracuse, and Georgetown are all examples of top universities that have decided to divest in fossil fuels. Nearly all top fifty colleges in the US have taken the necessary step. We have a meeting in late January with the directors at Mizzou. It would be a critical weapon to have you here to back our efforts. Please feel free to contact me and speak about our plans. I pray that you will get this email and it will speak to you Mr.Riney.

God Bless You,


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