Mr. Rogers, I am sure your a busy guy but I am an unhappy customer – William H Rogers Jr email address

Steve sent a message to William H. Rogers, Jr. – Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of SunTrust Banks – Email Address that said:

Mr. Rogers, I am sure your a busy guy but I am an unhappy customer. Saturday morning at 8:15 while making breakfast for my mother, I received a call from someone identifying themselves as a SunTrust rep attempting to collect a debt. Know I know I have no debt problems and was suspicious of the personal information they were requesting, I actually felt it was a fishing scam. I was irate and uncooperative to say the least. After breakfast I did determine I had failed to enter my November credit card payment into bill pay. My average minimum payment is $24 dollars but I have religiously paid $100 a month for some time. I have been with Sun Trust for years and I just want you to know I am not happy about how this was handled. I don't get DEBT COLLECTION CALLS! As a retired law enforcement officer I am very unhappy with how this was handled.


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