Mr. Rogers, I\'ve been a Suntrust member since 1992. Currently I\'m so disappointed with Suntrust – William H Rogers Jr email address

Sandra Johnson sent a message to William H. Rogers, Jr. - Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of SunTrust Banks - Email Address that said:

Mr. Rogers,

Ive been a Suntrust member since 1992. Currently Im so disappointed with Suntrust I will be leaving and moving to another bank. Ive had my mortgage with Suntrust since 2007. They have had my insurance payment as part of my escrow and paid it for 10 years. This year I find out they didnt pay my windstorm policy when I received the notice from the insurance company that my policy had lapsed due to non payment. After being on hold for over an hour someone finally was able to say they can no longer pay my policy. I was never notified of any change. I was told that they will document the system that it wasnt my fault that they didnt pay my insurance but its up to me to figure it out.
That not the type of customer service I expected from a company Ive been with for such a long period of time. My goal now is to kind a bank to refinance my mortgage and move all of my business elsewhere. I wanted you to know how your customers are being treated. Thank you for being my bank for most of my adult life.

Sandra Johnson

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