Mr. Rogers, I am an account holder with your bank and I am very unhappy – William H Rogers Jr

Carole Kwasinski sent a message to William H. Rogers, Jr. ? Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of SunTrust Banks ? Email Address that said:

Mr. Rogers,
I am an account holder with your bank and I am very unhappy with recent treatment. I had an issue with a company where I never received the merchandise so I filled out a claim. I never got responses unless I contacted the fraud department. I had a very nice supervisor named James Teague who assisted me. I got an email today from the fraud department telling me the claim was denied because the debt was valid. I did authorize the charge however, I never received it and as stated the company is no longer there which is clear to me a scam. I printed my correspondence with the company and an email showing where they told me back in Feb. where they said they would refund me the full amount in 5 days. Then when I tried to contact the company again when I did not receive it, the company was gone. I even told the fraud department that after I got no response from the company I looked at reviews only to see that every one of the reviews was the same issue I had. It was valid when I agreed to the purchase however, it became fraud when the company did not send what I paid for and now does not exist under the name that I originally had. I went to the fraud department for assistance not to be treated like a number and not to be treated so poorly and not listened to. This is the 2nd issue we are having with our account. The other issue is with my fiancé when he purchased a pan which was supposed to be for Thanksgiving. We never received it. He contacted the fraud department and then had to send bogus information like if it was male or female which if they listened to begin with they would have seen it was a baking pan for a turkey. We went into the branch and they faxed the information and said it was opened and being looked at. When I called about mine I asked about his and was told it was not opened. Mr. Teague stated his requests were being ignored or denied. Then I got an email stating they would not reopen because the information was not received when they requested. We have the fax that was sent from the branch and the individual at the branch was told it would be opened and looked into but this is not what happened. They outright denied it. I feel because we do not have millions we are nobody. My claim was for 94.95 and his is for 54.30. It became fraud when the merchandise never came and although it may not be a lot of money, it is when you do not receive what you paid for. They told me I should contact the company. That's all great if the company still existed and that is what we tried to do to begin with. We chose your bank because of the treatment we have received in the branch but when we have to deal with customer service it is a nightmare and degrading. This is wrong. We are not rich but every small customer makes business keep going. Word of mouth helps to keep a float as well. I am beyond not happy. Please help get this rectified. Thank you for your time.

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