Mr. Rutledge, I\'m a customer in San Antonio, Texas. Time Warner has electronically withdrawn $155 – Thomas M Rutledge email address

Emily Saenz sent a message to Thomas M. Rutledge - Chief Executive Officer and President of Charter Communications, Inc. - Email Address that said:

Mr. Rutledge,

Im a customer in San Antonio, Texas. Time Warner has electronically withdrawn $155.87 41 times from my checking account (using my debit-credit card number without my permission), causing my checking account balance to go into the negative by $7,000.00, including NSF fees. This occurred between 7/22/17 and 7/24/17.

Initially, I called on Friday, 7/21/17 to make a one time only payment (because the Spectrums online payment system had crashed) of $197.69 using my debit-credit card. The confirmation # is 060333 for that payment.
After that, chaos ensued.

By Saturday morning, 7/22/17 Time Warner had taken $155.87 out of my checking account electronically 2 times, causing my balance to go into the negative with 2 NSF fees for $25.00 each.

I called and spoke with a gentleman by the name of Lamar who attempted to assist me. He informed me that the cash office would not open until Monday morning. In the meantime, he put in 2 tickets (25382723) and (25382712) for my missing payment from Friday, (which was not credited to my account at all), in addition to the other 2 random withdrawals from Saturday.

On Sunday, 7/23/17, my services were disconnected. I called and spoke with a very rude supervisor who was yelling at me for taking too much of her agents time. Her name is Diane K. Johnson.
She had me send her my bank statements to and then proceeded to temporarily re-connect my services (cable, phone, internet).

I called Monday morning, 7/24/17 and spoke with a gentleman by the name of Marcus who informed me that I was not allowed to speak with accounting. He took my information down,

For the second time, I emailed my bank statements to him a and he told me that he would call me back.

Approximately, 3 hours later, I looked into logged into my credit union account and found out that Time Warner had taken out another 155.87 39 times on 7/24/17 between 11:59 am and 12:00 pm.

I immediately called Marcus who informed me that once again, my account did not show any of these payments and that the financial dept did track down my payment of $197.69 from 7/21/17.

Marcus stated that it had been credited to another account and that the financial office was going to cut me a check in 7-10 business days.
In other words, the financial office still did not apply that payment to my Spectrum account.

In the meantime he instructed me to provide him proof of these other 39 withdrawals. I hung up with him and went to my financial institution, Generations Federal Credit Union here in San Antonio.

I sat there at my credit union for approximately 2 hours while the credit union manager and I attempted to contact Spectrum again to resolve this.
We were about to get connected to the fraud dept when the agent disconnected. Unfortunately, the agent had given us a fax number for the fraud dept, instead of a direct phone number. However, he did provide another ticket #25387764.

My credit union advised me to take my copy of the Time Warner withdrawals in person to one of their business offices in person, which I did.

I sat for another 30 minutes because they were busy. A very nice lady by the name of Stacey San Miguel assisted me. I provided her with copies of the 39 withdrawals from my checking account on 7/24/17 and a separate e-mail showing the 2 withdrawals from Saturday. She also gave me a track# 25388482.

Marcus never called me back. I attempted to reach him twice Monday afternoon, but he dodged my calls.

On out last call, I was extremely distressed and had said that I would go to the local press with my bank information if he didnt find a way to credit my account back swiftly.

I am extremely anxious because now, I cannot pay my electric bill or water bill or buy groceries.
My paychecks will be going into an account thats negative $7,000.00 and I will not be able to support my family or keep my electricity and water on.

I may have to move in with some relatives for a few months. So, yes, I admit that I wasnt very pleasant on our last conversation because I was in tears and kept getting the run around from all sorts of supervisors. I did not curse or anything like that, I was overwhelmed and in tears.

Mr. Rutledge, I cannot wait 2 weeks for Spectrums financial dept to try to sort out their mistake.

Apparently, it seems as if my money was credited to 41 other Spectrum accounts, leaving my Spectrum account still showing as delinquent with services ready to be disconnected by 7/29/17 and my personal checking account $7,000.00 in the hole.

Please help me. I dont know who else to reach out to. I work as a Registered Nurse from home and I need my internet for my job. Even more-so, I need my money back.

I have a daughter Im about to send to college and an autistic son who goes to a special needs school that costs me $925.00 a month.

He will not be able to return to his school if this money is not credited to my account within the next couple of days.

I have a 401 K loan check coming in any day now to pay for my sons registration and uniforms and books and some other school expenses.

However, now, as things stand, that loan check is going to deposit into my $7,000.00 negative checking account and will do him no good.

Please help me. I dont even know if this email will reach you. I pray that it does and that you are empathetic to my dilemma.

Thank you,
Emily Saenz,

(210) 630-3763

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