Mr Rutledge, I\'m writing to you, as one, I\'m tired of the automated menu bot – Thomas M Rutledge email address

Matt sent a message to Thomas M. Rutledge - Chief Executive Officer and President of Charter Communications, Inc. - Email Address that said:

Mr Rutledge,
Im writing to you, as one, Im tired of the automated menu bot, shes cumbersome and repeats herself if you already know where to go, two, finding a human to talk to is shy of impossible, and three, no one elses email was readily available, and while youll either read this and not care, or just delete this outright.

I have to write to some one in your company, I pay for a certain speed, and I get that speed maybe 2 or 3 days a month, if Im lucky. Im a student, I do need the internet at full speed pretty consistently, if it takes an hour to load a 30 minute lecture, well I cant do my work. The internet is better in a country like Jamaica, Im not kidding you on that, I was in Kingston last year and with the crappy domestic-consumer internet I was getting at the house I rented, it was nearly double what Ive been getting here in the states from your company.

As a tech guy, I know the infrastructure is a bit behind the times, some cases painfully so, a lot of the infrastructure was built before you even worked for this company it seems.

Please either make the speeds paid for a guarantee, drop the price and advertised speed considerabley. I pay for 60Mbps, I usually get 5-8 Mbps, and pay 60 a month. My motorola gives me faster internet than that...
Other countries, 60Mbps is their slow internet, and they pay abour 15-20 usd for it, with more customers, so it can be done.

I really dont know why Im bothering to write you, youll probably never read it, and if you did you probably wont care.

I just wanted to write some one in your company to say Im one of many who are ready to give up and find another company if things arent resolved soon.

Have a good day.

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