Mr SchulmanI am emailing you to see if you can help with a gross injustice – Daniel H Dan Schulman email address

David Dawe sent a message to Dan Schulman President and CEO of PayPal Email Address that said:

Mr Schulman
I am emailing you to see if you can help with a gross injustice. I purchased a swegway and go-cart from I paid through palpal. After a lot of delays the good were delivered. the wrong go-cart turned up and the swegway no longer charges. I contacted your company to help which I thought they had ( a full refund). But I have know received an email saying I must pay for and return the goods for a refund. How is this fair when they have delivered the wrong item and the other has broken down. they should pay for and pick these items up. I have only been given 9 days to resolve this by your company. it seems that you dont mind taking my money through your company for a company who dont care about there customers and are happy to take the money. to sum it up I am being expected to pay a lot of money to return these faulty good to get back my initial payout so would have no good and will pay out for a return how is this fair. I would be grateful for your comments and help.

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