MR. Sergio Marchionne, I am appealing to you – Sergio Marchionne email address

LOUIS sent a message to Sergio Marchionne CEO, Fiat S.p.A. – email address that said:

MR. Sergio Marchionne, I am appealing to you Sir today August 1st 2016 because I don't know who to turn too any more now. Mr. Marchionne, I purchased my 2014 Jeep Cherokee Latitude 3.2 L V6 Awd from East Hills Chrysler Jeep Dodge at 2300 Northern Boulevard Greenvale Ny 11548 on December,15th 2015. MR. Marchionne, I purchase this Jeep because I fell in LOVE with the beautiful styling, also it looks better than most of the small suvs I had seen. All that is great, but I has been having a lot of issues since I purchased my 2014 Jeep Cherokee Latitude, the Check Engine sign and the Service Transmission just kept illuminating. I kept going back to the Dealer over and over for that same issues. I writing to you Sir, hoping that you can help me in some way with what is going with my 2014 Jeep. MR. Marchionne, I was reading an article few days ago that Chrysler introduce a ZF Nine speed Transmission in these Jeeps. Somehow these ZF Nine Transmissions seems like its causing an issue on these Jeeps. I also was reading another article that the Honda Company just added a 2016 Honda Elite AWD 3.5L V6 and the ZF Nine Speed is installed in this Honda too. And the customers are complaining of transmission problems too. The customers said, the 2016 Honda Elite is a great suv, but the was wrong for the Elite. Sir, I believed if my Jeep had in the 6Speed Transmission it would of been superb. MR. Marchionne , I am looking forward to hear from you on the issues I am experiencing with my 2014 Jeep. Thank you in advance for your hospitality MR. Marchionne. MR. Louis.

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