Mr. Sorenson,Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. My wife and I are Rewards members – Arne M Sorenson email address

Timothy Corley sent a message to Arne M. Sorenson President and Chief Executive Officer of Marriott International, Inc. Email Address that said:

Mr. Sorenson,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. My wife and I are Rewards members and use Marriott when we travel. I am a retired Federal LEO and small business owner. I am writing to advise you of the poor treatment we received at the Marriott Residence Inn in Neptune NJ. We stay at that hotel every Christmas for the past 11 years or so. I am traveling with my wife Kellie and three kids. My daughter has been sick for two years.
We arrive at the hotel around 12 noon. They could not get us into a room. Thats fine, its policy. I spoke with a blond woman at the desk. She was very dismissive of us and I asked if there was a place my daughter could use to change for 5 minutes. She told us to use the bathroom. That was not acceptable and I told he that we would not be able to check in until late that evening, possible midnight. I was afraid she would give our 2 reserved rooms away. She said she would not and wrote my name down.
My daughter and I walked back to our car. My wife and daughter went back in. They spoke with Alexis at front desk and had a very nasty exchange. My wife confirmed our reservations and asked Alexis to hold them. The time was 12:30pm.
You know where this is going. We arrived at the hotel, and spoke with Isaiah at the front desk. He told us we had no reservations. Isaiah was great and got us into a Marriott in Wall NJ. We checked in by Vince at the Wall location and he could not be nicer. We were also were comped for our stay.
My problem, as I see it, was that the Neptune location cancelled our reservations out of spite. Someone from the Neptune location, purposely canceled our reservations. As a retired 30 year LEO and business owner, employee/customer interactions should be seamless and not contentious and I would like to know how the happened
Marriott did the right thing. We traveled from Virginia to visit family in Colts Neck, NJ and have stayed at the Neptune location for years. We were tired and my daughter has taken a step back, as we are trying to get her better.

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