Mr. Stack,I just wanted to contact you about a recent experience at two of – Edward W Stack email address

Kelley sent a message to Edward W. Stack – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dick’s Sporting Goods – Email Address that said:

Mr. Stack,
I just wanted to contact you about a recent experience at two of your stores in Utah.
We recently moved and needed to purchase a new In ground basketball hoop for our son. I went to your midvale store found the one I wanted a fellow by the name of Mike helped us, he was very nice but told us you didn't stock it and I would have to go to the store I wanted to pick it up to order it which seemed odd no mention of which we later found out that it was a waste of time to go to another store that in reality you would not ship it to the store anyway that no matter where we ordered it you would charge us $100 to drop ship it to our home ok but it would of been nice to know that in the first place. Instead we went to your Layton store that same night because we live close by. We were greeted by a young man who told us they didn't stock it and took us to the golf dept. where there was a computer to order it that is where the trouble started he didn't know how to do it and a golf specialist preceded to help him that is when we found out that we couldn't have it shipped to the store and we would have to pay the additional $100. Every store I have ever bought from Walmart to Nordstrom will order it for me and I can pick it up for no additional charge. So I have now gone to two stores to buy a hoop and the only reason is because you are one of the few who carry goalrilla . Anyway the golf specialist became very defensive when we questioned it. So we asked for a manager he came over and was just as defensive and rude we have both their cards but I believe the manager was Mike. Long story we left your store very unhappy of course we did not buy it. We had been to Scheels You need to take a page out of their book on customer service but they did not carry the goalrilla. I read somewhere you want to be the number 1 sporting goods store in the USA you have a long way to go. My family has one of the largest mortgage co. In the US. We are in 49 states my husband is the COO if we treated people like we were treated we would be out of business real fast!
In retrospect you did us a favor we ordered a upgraded goalrilla model no tax and free shipping. When the installer came to my house to see the potential site I told him of our experience with you and he said "yes we used to install for them but that you were very difficult to work with."
I don't expect a thing from you and I don't know if I will ever shop at your store again. But it starts at the top you need to train your people! Ego's have no place in the workplace when your dealing with the public.. My time is valuable as your's is I hope you get this.

Kelley and Tom

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