Mr. Swift I know your a very busy man but PLEASE help me save your – Christopher J Swift

Mark Monell sent a message to Christopher J. Swift Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Hartford Email Address that said:

Mr. Swift I know your a very busy man but PLEASE help me save your company money!!!
I have an auto damage claim with your company, your insured vehicle damaged my vehicle. I have been trying to settle this claim for 6 months to no avail and was hung up on today by the adjuster.
I have spoken to the claims adjuster and his supervisor and all I get is it's their way or no way.
I have even gone as far as to get the repair estimate from the adjuster and corrected the items that where stated on the estimate that where not damaged plus it saves your company about $500. If all of your claims are like mine your company is getting ripped off by the body shops and your adjusters don't care, I sent them a corrected estimate and all I get is no call return and the run around.
If your wondering, I do know what I am doing, I was in the past an repair estimator for a body shop!
If I could attach document to this email I would send you everything I have sent them.
What they are telling me is that Florida statute 319.30(3)(a) says that they must total my vehicle, but in fact the law reads that if the insurance company and the owner can agree to repair than to replace as long as it does not exceed 100% of the actual value, which it doesn't!
Your adjuster is telling me, if I keep my vehicle I must send them the title and receive back a salvage title which will devalue my vehicle by 30 to 40% plus make it hard to get insurance and sell. All I am asking them to do is settle for the fair corrected estimate around $2500, not the inflated body shop estimate. The adjusters have agreed to settle for $3,000 and me retain my vehicle, but I will have to send the title in and get a salvaged title, which I am not willing to do!
The only other avenue I have is to contact the company that owns the vehicle that caused the damage to mine and demand payment or file a lawsuit that will cost both time and money! Not to mention your company a large customer. BROOK VALLEY MANAGEMENT INC.
Please again, please help me!
My claim # is Y84 AP 80509, event #CA0017630388
My phone # is 904/993-9568 if you would like to speak to me, also if you send a fax # I will send all the documentation I have.

Thank you,
Mark Monell

P.S. If you would like me to review all of your companies repair estimates, I would be happy to put together a team. It would probably save your company millions!

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