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Mr. Swift, Would like to express my concerns. My Insurance policy number is or was – Christopher J Swift email address

Robert sent a message to Christopher J. Swift – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Hartford – Email Address that said:

Mr. Swift, Would like to express my concerns. My Insurance policy number is or was  I have ben a loyal costumer of your company since 2007. I pay a fairly large premium each year and not until recently I have never bothered your company. June 2015 I had a break in and a pair of clippers were stolen. There was damage to the door frame from the break in. I submitted a claim and you generously paid my expenses of $2,600.00. I just recently received a non- renewal from your company due to this loss. The paperwork shows this as two separate claims when in fact it is all the same claim. My insurance broker tried to explain this to your underwriter but is getting no-where. I truly believe this is unfair treatment and would have never expected this from your company. I am also a underwriter by profession. I underwrite consumer loans for a financial institution. A good underwriter should have the ability to foresee an ongoing risk. I'm not sure what your underwriter is seeing but I can guess this person is either new or not very good at their job. I am really not a risk and regardless of what your underwriter thinks about the location of the business. It is not in a bad section. Corning NY has no bad sections!. I realize you are in charge of a large company and you may not always know the small dealings that go on within it. I just want to make you aware of this situation and the face that I feel I have been dealt a bad hand.

Thank you for your time.



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