Mr. TAKUYA NAKATAMy name is Nelson, I\'m from Brazil, I\'ve always been a fan of – Takuya Nakata email address

Nelson Lourenço sent a message to Takuya Nakata President and Representative Director, Yamaha Corporation Email Address that said:


My name is Nelson, Im from Brazil, Ive always been a fan of the Yamaha brand but I never had the opportunity to buy a good handset, so one day I got an RX-V659, burned, I took an authorized assistance, but the value they asked for I did not get it, I did not authorize it, I bought a RX-V673 with a defect, no sound, a probable defect in the HDMI card, also with a high budget, here in Brazil people do not take the necessary care, simply put in a corner and buy another, I still intend to buy two more devices, study electronics and I will repair all, as I said I am a mega fan of the Yamaha brand, to get parts here in Brazil is very complicated, I will have to import components, and still I face the prejudice because I live in Brazil, almost nobody was out in Brazil, this letter is more a release of a user who loves sound and likes the best. Thank you .

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