Mr. Thomas, I am not a valued customer of Windstream. I am a customer, but – Tony Thomas email address

Charles sent a message to Tony Thomas – President and Chief Executive Officer of Windstream Communications – Email Address that said:

Mr. Thomas,

I am not a valued customer of Windstream. I am a customer, but I am not valued. I just sat here at home for 11 hours waiting for your technician to show up and install the equipment required to go from 12 Mb/s to 50 Mb/s. The technician never showed up and nobody ever called me. I called twice earlier in the day to make sure everything was going according to plan. As the 11 hour window came to a close, I called to see if I was still on the schedule. Apparently there was "trouble in the field" and he/she just quit for the day without letting me know that they weren't coming. I waited almost 3 weeks for the appointment, took a day off during a very busy time of year, for no apparent reason. This is no way to treat anybody. I asked to speak with a supervisor, but the supervisor, "Miranda", was "in a meeting" (at 7pm) and I couldn't speak with her. After getting completely frustrated, I eventually decided to leave a voice mail for Miranda, but I'm sure I won't receive a call. I called back to try to have the technician come tomorrow after 6pm, but nobody could help.
My internet service used to work fine, but a month ago it suddenly slowed to a crawl. I was told repeatedly by technical support that is was ok, and finally somebody realized it wasn't. No wireless connections work after about 6pm, and they are spotty prior to that time of day.
There is really not much of any other choice for internet service in my location or I would have switched already.
Nobody cares. If this is the corporate culture at Windstream, your company is dying.
Please help.

Thank you,

Charles Baker

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