mr Thomas Rutledge I have had brighthouse from 2003 til about 2011 and never had – Thomas M Rutledge email address

george william yothers jr sent a message to Thomas M. Rutledge Chief Executive Officer and President of Charter Communications, Inc. Email Address that said:

mr Thomas Rutledge I have had brighthouse from 2003 til about 2011 and never had a problem the people were all ways nice and took care of me with just one phone call and problem sloved , now I have spectrum since june of 2017 and nothing but problems with your rep from day one before I even have your service put in to my house and I told your rep in my house that I am a totally disabled and handicap vet and I told your rep that I can only pay your company for my cable services on the 3rd wenday of the month because that is when my disability check comes in which is some times on the 15 th of the month and some times on the 21 st of the month and my billing cycle would have to be with in this cycle and if it was then I would have the tv and internet put in but if it was not then I do not want it and your rep said no problem so I had the cable put in just to find out that you rep did not do as I have asked and now I am getting harassed by your service people calling me up and telling me when am I going to pay and I told them from the start when I can pay them, so you company keeps getting me stressed out and up set and keeps slaming me on late fees and when I talked to your company and tried to get this resolved all they want to do is keep on SLAMING ME I did let your people know that I do know what the American with disablitys act is and it quotes that if there is a reasonable consetion to be made on behalf of your company to resolve this matter that it should be made the response of your people is our rules can not and will not be adjusted with in the federal law of the americans with disablitys act , and this is absoult and will not be adjusted to make this problem right , now sir I am not a unreasonable person and I served in the usmc form 1973 to 1983 and all honorable service got out as e-5 sergant and I had the deepest respect from my boss A M GRAy ret commdant of the usmc and all so when he was brig gen am gray and when he was col am gray way back in 1975 when I have worked for him on refugee evac of sigon and the late sen ted kenndy god bless his sole so I am not some low life person that complains and you want to see the truth then look at your own computers and when I have had brighthouse I allways paid yous on the 3 rd wed for 9 years or so never a problem now all of a sudden yous are spectrum and nothing but me being stressed out by your people do they want me to have a heart attack , why do I have to notify you to get a peace resolve because your people do not want to resolve this with out screwing me over like they have so far and it is called SLAMING I have paid a lot of 8.63 late fees because your people will not make a reasonable concession to help this disabled vet real simple change the due date to 18 th of the month like I had for nine years with bright house and no problems right now my blood pressure us up and I am stressed real bad because of months of phone calls from your people so what do I have to do let you resolve this or call every body in the government to get this resolved I am asking you to please take care of this please this is a very simple thing that your people will not take care of

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