Mr. Toyoda, I am asking your help concerning my son’s auto. We have always been – Akio Toyoda email address

Paul sent a message to Akio Toyoda President and CEO, Toyota Motor Corporation – email address that said:

Mr. Toyoda, I am asking your help concerning my son's auto. We have always been Toyota customers, and currently own 3 Scion tC's- a 2009, a 2010, and a 2012. We have not, unfortunately, had very good luck with them, though my children truly love these vehicles. So far, we had to have the engine rebuilt in the 2010, and now are being told we must pay for a new engine in the 2009. We bought the extended warranty, and regularly had the vehicle serviced, but my son noticed an engine noise similar to the one in the 2010, and brought it in for service. As it turns out, the warranty is still in effect, but he is beyond the mileage limit by 800 miles. As this seems to be a common problem with these engines, we were hoping for some consideration from your company. We humbly ask for your help. You can reach me at this e-mail address if you care to assist us in this matter. Your loyal (up until now) customer - Paul

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