Mr Urcelay, I wanted to reach out to you about some past and present issues – Antonio Urcelay email address

Rich sent a message to Antonio Urcelay Chairman and CEO, Toys R Us, Inc. that said:

Mr Urcelay,

I wanted to reach out to you about some past and present issues my fiancé and i have had with your company. We recently had a baby in March of 2015, we registered at your store in Deptford NJ. My fiancés mother bought our crib and dresser set. Both items shipped on the same day, the dresser was delivered correctly, the crib never came. We called multiple times about where the crib is. They said they didnt know and it didnt seem to leave the warehouse. They wouldn't allow us to just have another shipped, they made her pay for another one. She was on the phone for about 5 hours total. Then it took about 2 months to get her money back for the first one. We then had our baby shower and my mother got us a car seat stroller set. It was a minny mouse one, the car seat's box came torn up and black in some areas, my mom had to put pink tape on it to just have it presentable to unwrap at the shower. We then got a tummy time mat and the mobile part has broken 3 times, we haven't went back yet again to replace it. Remember its only been 6 months. We then got a Disney baby Minny music and lights walker, the toys have moveable parts that have Disney decals on it. They have worn off and this is the first month of using it. They were cleaned with a baby wipe. During a pregnancy , dealing with all this, and now having our baby and still dealing with issues from Babys r us, we are extremely frustrated. The employees in the store have been hit or miss also. I dont typically complain about retail experiances i have, but this has been the worst i have delt with. I am a general manager of a very large cellular company and i would like to know about a situation like this one to correct it quickly, correctly, and make right with all these issues. Im sure you are a very busy man, however, i need this rectified.

I look forward to your reply,


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