Mr Van Beurden, I am writing you to ask your help in solving an issue – Ben van Beurden email address

Kevin sent a message to Ben van Beurden CEO, Royal Dutch Shell Email Address that said:

Mr Van Beurden, I am writing you to ask your help in solving an issue in Texas at the Deer Park Plant. I will be brief as I know you are a very busy man.
There has been hostile acts by your security personal towards journalist at the plant. These people are not entering your plant nor are engaging in any illegal activity. They are simply on public right of way exercising their 1st amendment right of videoing what they can see from the street. They are not doing anything that Google Earth has not already done. While they are there Tim Hill your security manager has instructed his staff to harass, bully and block their right to photograph. Tim Hill has approached, bullied, herded a female towards a busy traffic lane from the side of the public road. After which he bent down with his camera and tried to get a picture up her skirt. Yes this is on camera! Disgusting man! His security has left company property and followed and stalked one of the photographers on camera. Shell appears to have paid the Deer Park Police to wrongfully arrest people on public streets on camera.
Mr Va Beurden, I ask you to do the right thing for your company. You certainly are not aware of this public relations nightmare, or you would have stopped it. This bad publicity is not what your company needs nor deserves. Again I implore you to correct this.
Thank you Kevin.
P.S. If you reply to me I will give you my complete name but not thru this site.

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