Mr. Victor Kislyi- I don’t know how much say you have in this but i thought – Victor Kislyi email address

Derek sent a message to Victor Kislyi Founder and CEO, Wargaming that said:

Mr. Victor Kislyi
I don't know how much say you have in this but i thought i would go straight to the top. I have a complaint about the payment system in one of your company's games, World of Warships. I do not think it is fair that for a premium ship, one must pay to convert the xp into free xp. I already paid for the ship, but now to effectively use it to my advantage, I must surrender more money to you. I get that World of Warships is a free game to play and you need to make money somehow, but you already have the premium shop. I would greatly appreciate it if you could do something to change this, maybe make the premium ships xp be automatically converted. If this is not something you can help with please email me back as to where I can more correctly make this complaint.
Thank you very much for your time, and I want you to know that other than this, I am very satisfied with the game your company produced.
Best Regards,

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