Mr. Wilson,My family has been a loyal customer of Allstate since the 1970\'s. My – Thomas J Wilson email address

Sherry Rhodes sent a message to Thomas J. Wilson Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Allstate Corporation Email Address that said:

Mr. Wilson,

My family has been a loyal customer of Allstate since the 1970s. My parents being with Allstate led me to going with Allstate for my car insurance and then with my Homeowners insurance. I have never had any major issues where I have needed to utilize my home owners insurance until now. Now that I need Allstate, Allstate is not on my side to help fix the issues with my home. As I researched my situation, other Allstate homeowners have had similar issues to mine with the same insurance company, Allstate. I checked on other insurance companies like State Farm, Geico, Liberty, etc and no other company had as many negative reports about filing claims as Allstate. There are continuous issues with Allstate refusing to pay claims that have substantial evidence showing that they are legitimate claims.

Having homes, cars, and other property to insure as well as people who need your additional personal benefits such as accident insurance, critical Illness insurance and short-term disability is what keeps your insurance company in business. Of the families insured by Allstate, only a small portion may need to access their benefits at any given time. The company has termed the phrase " Youre in good hands with Allstate" and I am sure you truly believe that. But if you could only be on the other side with the consumer you would see just how frustrating your company can be to work with. I know you are caring individual and only want the best for your family and the families you provide services to, but if your family had to endure half of what your customers go through you would be appalled as a consumer.

It would be great if you and the other officers of Allstate would take a step back from the bottom line for a moment, take the politics out of the industry and realize that there are families out there just like yours. Families, like yours, that entrust the company you work for will be there when the need arises. Unfortunately, with us (the consumers) the reality really sets in when it seems that the insurance company, youve paid thousands of dollars to, is doing all it can to not help you. It becomes a bit disheartening especially when you have another insurance company inspector look at the issue and tell you that the claim would be paid through their insurance company no questions asked. Im very disappointed and let down by Allstate as I always believed I was in good hands with them.

Sherry Rhodes

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