Mr. Zappacosta,I am a hard working guy who is supporting a family in Washington – Marco Zappacosta email address

Chris Hunter sent a message to Marco Zappacosta- co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Thumbtack- email address that said:

Mr. Zappacosta,

I am a hard working guy who is supporting a family in Washington State. My company has grown exponentially due to the ease of earning business through Thumbtack, so I first would like to say thank you.

When I first joined, I added my business and license information, as well as opted to include a background check. I have nothing to hide, I run a clean business, why not right? That was on April 27th, 2017.

My account was just deactivated because a background check needed to be processed. My previous application had been left by your team and had expired. I spoke with one of your customer service reps via online chat and though she was very nice, told me background checks take between 5-7 days to process on Checkr and another 7-14 days to be cleared on Thumbtack.

I sent in my application while I was speaking with Cristina, and it was processed and cleared on Checkr instantaneously with no blemishes. I then asked why, in this age of instant information, does it take 7-14 days to clear a background check?

In the meantime, Im lucky to have some work lined up to continue supporting my family, but can only imagine how this could effect other hardworking contractors in a less fortunate situation.

If you could look into this issue and find a reasonable solution I know it can relieve some stress and worry from your customers who spend their hard earned advertising and lead generating money on Thumbtack, myself included.

Thank you, and take care.
Chris Hunter
Vega Finishing LLC

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