Ms. Alber, I am a long time Pottery Barn customer who is now just totally – Laura J Alber email address

Bonnie sent a message to Laura J. Alber Director, President, and CEO, Williams-Sonoma that said:

Ms. Alber, I am a long time Pottery Barn customer who is now just totally fed up. Your fulfillment center for the 2015 Holiday Season is a disaster! On December 8 I placed order which was to have shipped on 12/31/15. When I did not receive it by Dec 21 I phones customer service and waited over 20 minutes. This was after attempting to determine via your online system where they were to no avail. When I finally spoke to a customer service agent she couldn't see where the order was and had to get a supervisor. The supervisor advised that the last day my order was worked on was 12/10/15 and that it was in fulfillment and would not be getting to me for Christmas.

So here I am heading back to the Mall to buy three Christmas gifts that I was assured would be here in time. I will spend more that I wanted and also have three monogramed gifts arriving that I can't use. I would have cancelled the order was was told I could not, but she would take 15% or $12.00 off.

To make matters even worse, we leave for Florida on December 29th for three months and it may not even get here before we leave. I will need to hire someone to come to our home to collect the package when it finally arrives.

I find your Pottery Barn fulfillment center to be the worst I have encountered.

I am totally finished with Pottery Barn. I know you don't care but I feel better having verbalized this.


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